Ask the Experts: 3 Cutting-Edge Graphic Design Trends

How do trends begin? When it comes to graphic design, it’s all about technology and programming ability. As browsing abilities increase and types of devices evolve, designers are forced to come up with more innovative outlines that do not impact browsing capabilities in a negative way. Here’s how the future is shaped up, in terms of graphic design:

Menus have become obsolete

Users have become more and more independent when visiting a website. They don’t need as many guidelines, so they skip the menu entirely and browse through it as they please. This also facilitates tablet and phone usage, opening up endless side scrolling possibilities. Intuitive layouts make navigation more interactive, less cluttered and, overall, more esthetically pleasing.

Divide and conquer

Split screens seem to be on the rise as far as innovative graphics are concerned. They provide a great alternative to more conventional text placing techniques and effectively combine image with text. This makes way for a clear visual separation and impacts the user in a positive way. Information is easier to process, and images remain fixed on the user’s retina for far longer. This technique can also be used on smaller devices, such as phones or tablets, since the two sides can be stacked into sequential blocks or combined into the side-panel navigation systems.

Minimal is optimal

Minimalism has been around for years. Up until now, it has reached its peak in fashion and interior design. This is where it takes over the digital world as well; most of us appreciate a clean approach combined with optimal functionality whenever we access a webpage. The whole strategy behind minimal design is to reduce focus points and engage the user in one direction, rather than more. Inspired by the Scandinavians, this trend gives way to elegance and refinement, keeping your message strong and your layout clutter-free.

That being said, we invite you to stay tuned for more up-coming digital trends and useful tips & tricks that will get your brand seen….anywhere!

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