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Customer Acquisition

By integrating high quality prospect data sources, our marketing solutions improve the effectiveness of advanced customer acquisition strategy while significantly reducing costs.

Lead Research / Generation

Lead generation is undoubtedly an integral part of the overall sales process. With the right strategy and the right team at our side, we keep your sales pipeline moving and drive bottom-line growth.

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Demand Generation

Engaging buyers with coordinated multi-tiered marketing campaigns to identify and engage them through targeted inbound and outbound activities. The final goal is to deliver you have a well-oiled demand generation process that improves your sales and accelerates the buying cycle.

Email Marketing

The most effective online tactic for lead generation in B2B. Establishing your email marketing goals will dictate the type of campaigns you send, who you target, the content you include, and how you measure success. The final goal is to constantly fill-up your sales pipe with quality leads.

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Graphic Creation

The need to understand and implement high-quality campaigns is essential. Creating high-quality content is critical for our marketing team. All our great headlines have one or more of the following characteristics: unique, ultra-specific and useful.

Ads & Landing Pages

A great first impression can convert a lead into a sale in a matter of moments. Dedicated, promotion-specific landing pages are what we’ll be focusing on. Dedicated landing pages are standalone pages that are designed for a specific marketing campaign. Successful landing pages and Ads are all about design, functionality and mainly, they should be easy.

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CRM Software

Quoting and prospecting software for small businesses that automates the sales cycle. A good CRM system will give you the opportunity to manage all your customer interactions efficiently and effectively, thus increasing the overall customer satisfaction for your business.

SMS / Fax Broadcasting

Bulk SMS simply means sending a large volume or quantity of SMS or Short Message Service or text messages at a time. Bulk messaging works similarly with the way you send text or SMS from your mobile phones or smartphones, but using a reliable bulk SMS gateway for high volumes. With fax broadcasting, you blast large volumes of targeted faxes to generate exposure for your business instantly.

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Data Pooling & Data Capturing

Our team has a long experience in establishing and managing the overall B2B and B2C database environment, architecture, technical facilities, regular updates and data collection. We acquire, maintain, verify and prepare the best targeted selections during your future campaigns.

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