4 Steps to Build a Winning B2B Lead Generation Machine

01 give us 01 - How it works

Step 1

Give Us Your Best Offer

An “offer” is simply what prospects get when they respond to our ads or e-mailing. Your irresistible offer has to:

– be clear. People must be able to understand it instantly.
– be a good value. It must be understood as a good value.
– involve either a discount or a premium or preferably both.

Sometimes premiums work much better than discounts. A premium is something you give away as a free gift to someone who comes in or who makes a purchase.

One way to create that irresistibility is to use the element of scarcity. Scarcity creates an emotional response, making us want something more if there isn’t enough for everyone. It creates a fear of shortage, and thus a sense of urgency.

Try these strategies—you won’t be disappointed in your results.

Step 2

We Create The Right Content

Content and landing pages creation has turned into a top component of advanced B2B and B2C lead generation. Once we have you offer, we need to build a proper marketing strategy what is something that requires time and attention to details. The Advertis team has to provide the right content to guide a buyer to a final decision to ask more information or to purchase your product immediately.

We will deliver content and landing pages that helps to close a deal by answering all questions and removing all ambiguity — and competitors — from the equation, leaving your company, products, and services as the sole contender.

02 we create 01 - How it works
03 we target 01 - How it works

Step 3

We Target The Right Prospects

Strategic lead generation and customer acquisition starts with identifying the people who are most likely to turn into interested readers, buyers and ongoing customers. At Advertis we use our internal databases for targeted selections and we do this effectively. We know that analyzing data doesn’t have to be a daunting task because it’s the core of what we are delivering everyday, winning marketing campaigns.

Step 4

We Ship The Sales Leads And You Close Them

You will be able to see the leads coming into your account every day. We know that quality sales leads are important to any business. They signify opportunities for new business for sell and upsell your products or services and generate your planned turnover. Given the importance of leads to generating new sales or incremental business to an organization, it is mandatory to have the ability to quickly and effectively assign leads to the sales department.

04 we ship 01 - How it works

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