Content marketing can be your company’s greatest advertiser

The “content marketing” concept has its roots in the USA and it involves generating useful and captivating content that will trigger a positive response on behalf of its readers.

Its main goal is to attract new prospects that will hopefully convert into future clients. It’s mainly used throughout social media, blogs, in images, infographs, videos, webinars and any other type of promotional material.

What are the benefits? Here’s a list:

  • community bonding; it is an excellent way of getting in touch with your audience and knowing your readers thoroughly
  • exposure to a new public
  • ideal promotional tool
  • highly effective lead generation tool
  • confidence generator: the final consumer will most likely subscribe to your blog/newsletter etc. and begin to trust the direction your brand has taken

Here are some types of content that are guaranteed to make an impact:

  • content that focuses on the fact that life is short – it instills a sense of urgency
  • content that reminds us that dreams can come true – it encourages illusion
  • content that reminds us of what really matters
  • content that focuses on the essential
  • content with major plot twists
  • content that tells a story
  • content that inspires us to do something
  • content that generates amusement or laughter
  • content that makes us cry
  • content that tells a secret

The one thing that these types of content have in common is this: all of them focus on creating emotion. Good or bad, emotion is the only element that sticks around, long after any other type of stimuli are gone. Making an impression is not optional, when it comes to marketing; it is crucial.

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