Get things done! How to enhance your productivity and motivate others to do it too!

Let’s face it: we all have days when our energy levels seem to reach an ultimate low. For those of you trying to successfully run a business, the consequences could be catastrophic. This is all you need to know in order to keep your business afloat and even make it thrive:

Tasks should be closely monitored

So…you get to the office, open your mailbox, check the “to do” list. The trick is closely timing each allocated task, so that you don’t neglect some tasks, while obsessing about others. Keeping the right balance is not that difficult if you try splitting your day up into chunks of, let’s say, 2 hours. Once a time interval has passed, give yourself some time to evaluate what you got done up until then. This way, you won’t feel like time ran out before you got the chance to handle everything on your “to do” list.

Don’t skimp on the breaks

Although it’s true that “idle hands are the devil’s playground”, a break never hurt anyone. Breaks should be seen as well-deserved rewards for the hard-working. Aside from being a form of compensation, they actually give your brain some time off the tedious tasks it was subjected to. They help clear your head, put things into perspective and they let you see the bigger, clear picture. Never underestimate the effect a well-placed break can have on your productivity at work.

Pro-act, don’t react

Being proactive instead of simply reactive can prove to be the most difficult task ever. Most of us are used to responding to external stimuli straight away, without thinking about the consequences. Whenever we hear or interpret something as offensive or aggressive, our instincts jump into play and tell us to counteract. This is how arguments start, and never-ending conflicts follow. Try responding after you’ve placed yourself in the shoes of your partner in discussions, and only if you have something useful or simply nice to say. Most times, others are simply craving to be understood, and their apparent aggression is just a way of asking for help and support.

So…next time you head to the office, keep in mind that communication combined with elementary organizational skills are the key to a great, harmonious working environment. Get things done well, not just over with!

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