The more you tell, the more you sell! Is your content really working for you?

Most people think that writing great content is a gift. Wrong! Writing great content requires hard, relentless work. First of all, great content is not necessarily meant to shock, or even impress. Its purpose is getting through to your designated audience and making a lasting impression. Here’s how you can achieve that with no fuss, no time wasted and no diminished resources:

Keep your headlines strong

Most of us decide if we’re going to read an article or not by focusing on the headline. If you’re aiming for highly original content, this is where you get to work on it: the best place for wordplay is your headline. It should accurately sum up your entire article, include strong keywords and start off with a powerful verb, to capture your public’s attention.

Drive action

The second best thing you can do for your content is fill it up with verbs that make your readers take further action. Phrases like “check out”, “get a hold of”, “be the first to” are guaranteed to make an impact and motivate your public to keep on reading. Give concrete examples of how they can put your advice into practice, and don’t overstep your boundaries. Nobody likes being told what to do; focus instead on giving advice, suggesting methods that can be put into practice, and, most of all, give them a sense of solidarity: we’ve been through this, we understand your concern, here’s what you can do to fix it.

Create content that sparks up imagination

Never end an article with a solution. Offer a solution somewhere along the way, then come up with an equally interesting dilemma. The solution, of course, will come up in your next blog post, and this is how you keep your audience engaged and fantasizing about future topics. The best way to create suspense and ignite imagination is by telling a story; they don’t only work for children, in spite of common misconceptions. Stories are a great way of explaining difficult concepts in a natural manner, they draw people in and offer satisfactory resolutions.

Need more advice on how to capitalize on your content? Stay tuned for more useful info. that will turn your business into a worthy market opponent!

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