Best lead gen practices for your business

Lead generation is a piece of cake, if you have the right tools and extensive market knowledge. Here’s how you can fully exploit its potential:

  • work with small pieces; create new campaigns exclusively for the offer that is about to generate your leads; this will help collect results;
  • make people feel special; exclusive offers generate more engagement compared to generic subscription requests;
  • keep content short and pleasant; use a brief description and include a crystal-clear CTA;
  • test different options; test 5 to 7 different texts with 20 or 30 variations on the text to be tweeted; when you get a clear idea of what is working, continue with the same strategy;
  • create a brand-associated experience; always include brand name and logo in your Lead Gen banner;
  • remain relevant; make sure that the texts you tweet match your offer and the content you place on your Lead Gen Card;
  • maintain continuity; get follow-ups from your public by including it in your integrated marketing program;

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you provide the ultimate client experience. Combine all of the above steps to make sure that your customers and potential clients get your message, are captivated by it and require extensive information.

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