How to quantify your marketing efforts correctly

Generally speaking, it is considered that for each 100 visual impacts a brand makes (ex: a visual impact consists of the moment a person sees an ad), around 2 people will show up at the store in search of the product (that doesn’t mean they’re going to necessarily buy it). To make sure you reach your projected goals, three tasks have to be completed: drawing up a strategy, establishing the right message and using the correct means.

The most important step in correctly assessing how marketing impacts your business is identifying market opportunity. In terms of measurements, you need to pay close attention to aspects that are dominated by quantity and quality, as follows:


  • check if your target-audience remembers your brand’s message;
  • evaluate legibility – if the message is clear and the consumer understands it;
  • identify any distortion that may come between your message and what the audience actually understands;
  • how do you communicate your message in front of the competition?
  • make sure that the message does not have a negative impact on your brand (like when your audience remembers a highly creative message, but they forgot the name of your brand or product);


  • what does the target-audience think of your brand after having seen your campaign?
  • brand recognition;
  • brand positioning (where you are situated compared to the competition, in your consumer’s mind);
  • how does the client interact with publicity?
  • emotions and feelings towards your brand;

KPI s always pinpoint exactly how well or how poorly a marketing strategy performed. They can be divided into the following categories:
sales volumes

  • client pool
  • new clients flux
  • gross income augmentation

They offer info. about your commercial team’s involvement, let you establish realistic goals, identify and evaluate the sales team’s input more efficiently and see where sellers have greater odds of reaching new markets.

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