Why it’s time to boost your video marketing budget

Video marketing is estimated to take up 79% of total global internet traffic by 2020. If you are looking to expand your business, video marketing has to be taken into consideration. First, you need to come up with a marketing strategy that includes video marketing, and then you have to implement it and constantly improve it by using gradual innovation.

Just by using the word “video” in the Subject line of an e-mail, you are increasing your open rate with a minimum of 10%. The click-through rate increases with 200%, in some cases, when you integrate video into the e-mail. This strategy increases the chances that your message will reach its target-audience.

Most clients find videos more engaging compared to any other type of written content: it creates a bond, enhances empathy and reduces the time needed to process information. Audio-visual info. is processed much faster and stays on everyone’s mind much longer.

In addition to all that, integrating a video into your presentation page increases buying intention with over 97% and influences every buyer’s decision. Videos can also be highly informational, which proves to your clients that you are not necessarily just trying to sell them your products, but focus primarily on giving them useful info. and instructing them on how to make the best buying decision.

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